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Autofacer' Back Spot Face Tools
'BCU' Back Chamfer System
Controlled back chamfering, back radiusing and positive action deburring.
Tools available from Ø4.75mm up.
'EZ Burr' front & back Deburring Tool
The simple way to front and back deburr holes from one side.
Suitable for hand or machine use with sizes from Ø1mm up.
CARBIDE 'EZ Burr' front & back Deburring Tool
'Burr Free' EZ Burr DRILL and Back Deburring Tool
'Burr Zit' Deburring Tool
'Benellip' Elliptical Hole Deburring

Bencere was established in1969 as a supplier of precision cutting tools for the UK market. Bencere offers many years of experience in the manufacture of precision cutting tools used within the automotive, aeropace and metal machining industries. Our areas of expertise cover precision finishing of holes and external profiles using roller burnishing tools, the deburring and back chamfering of holes, the back counterboring and back spot facing of holes, internal recessing of bores and the development of bespoke tooling solutions to meet customer specific applications.

Automatic back counter boring, chamfering and boring of holes up to 2.2 times the bore diameter. For use on CNC machines where no manual intervention is required.

The simple way to front and back deburr holes from one side.
Suitable for hand or machine use with sizes from Ø1mm up.
The perfect way to drill and deburr both sides of a hole in one operation.
Tools available from Ø9.5mm up and with the option of a fixed ISO insert
pocket for producing top chamfers and counter bores.
An alternative method for deburring holes which is especially suited for
Transfer linesor where alignment may be an issue.
Tools available from Ø2mm up.
The spring loaded cutting blade on the BENELLIP tool produces equal
chamfers around the elliptical profile of the angled hole to be deburred.
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