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Machine Screw
¼ ton – 350 tons
Inch & Metric
Standard & custom engineered
Precise positioning within 0.001
Uniform lifting speeds
Ball Screw
Up to 50 tons
Move loads more efficiently than
other screw jacks
Permit faster operation and longer
life under load
Duty Cycle
Designed for continuous
operationOil lubricated for high
efficiency & long life
Features separate anti-backlash nut
Reduces backlash to less than 0.001
Available in metric and/or S.S.
Stainless Steel
For use in severe environments
Corrosion resistant
For loads up to 100 tons
For full load rating, please
request 17-4 PH worm
Extreme precision in compact
Allows for very fine adjustment
Equipped with anti-backlash nuts

Duff-Norton is division of the Columbus McKinnon Corporation of Amherst, New York. The international marketing and manufacturing firm known today as Duff-Norton was born in the mind of an enterprising riverboat captain, Josiah Barrett in 1883. Duff-Norton has earned a reputation for reliable, high quality products that meet the industrial lifting, positioning and transfer needs of our worldwide customers. Both our standard and custom designed products are subjected to the same rigorous testing throughout the design process to assure maximum performance and quality.

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