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Pulling Winches
The particularity of Dinamic Oil’s pulling winches is the design of independent modular blocks
(hydraulic motor, negative disc brake and planetary reduction step).
Tower Crane Products
Dinamic Oil has developed a complete range of products dedicated to the tower crane industry:
slewing gearboxes, lifting winches and carrousel translation drives.
Truck drives
Planetary Gearboxes
In line or bevel planetary gearboxes with flange, foot or pendular mounting in mobile or industrial
applications. Nominal Output torques vary from 100 daNm to 130.000 daNm.
Slewing Gearboxes
Gearboxes complete with reinforced output supports, integral pinion, static negative disc brake and
input coupling for hydraulic motors; nominal output torques range from 4.100 Nm to 60.000 Nm.
Hydraulic Winches
Dinamic Oil is available to evaluate, design and produce special winches driven hydraulically or
electrically, according to our customer’s specific requests.
Planetary wheel drives and orbit motors
Planetary wheel drives and orbit motors with rotating cases for the movement of wheeled or
tracked vehicles.
Planetary Winch Drives
Rotating case gearboxes, complete with static negative disc brakes, offer the best of both our
planetary gearboxes and hydraulic lifting winches. Nominal output torque values range from
4.000 Nm to 50.000 Nm.
Rotary Tables
Complete with ring gear, worm gear, bearings and orbit motor. Thanks to its high performances,
the rotary table is a compact, simple and economical solution for the rotation drive of small
cranes and aerial platforms.
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